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For the Emotional & Physical Bodies

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 120 U.S. dollars


This treatment is great for clients with PTSD, or those who feel disconnected from their bodies, and it is especially good for when clients may not know the reason or causes behind why they are feeling stressed or upset. This practice trusts that the body naturally seeks healing, and that anyone can access their internal bodily wisdom for profound healing work. This is a type somatic body work of gentle body movements rooted in the work of Peter Levine, and further adapted by David Berceli. This work helps clients with (re)embodiment, grounding, and self-regulation while accessing the rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system) to release stress, tension and trauma stored in the body from unfinished patterns of flight fight or freeze responses. Unlike more analytical approaches to therapy, this treatment allows the physical body rather than the mental body to take the lead while creating a safe dialogue between the two. What the body wants to release, (and feels is safe to release), it will – from its stored locations in the muscles, fascia, bones and tissues. How we felt at the time of a stressful event, or how we feel in the present about a past event, also imprints our emotional bodies in varying degrees. This is why clients are taught how to reconnect gently and self-regulate so they can learn how to moderate their healing at the pace most comfortable for them without creating additional pressure, stress or tension. This way helps clients to: build confidence; increase self-awareness and intuition (gut feeling); strengthen the mind-body connection; learn to identify and release major areas of tension; and to reconnect with the body by removing deep blocks prohibitive to health and wellness. This work is a supported movement practice adaptable to all ages and physical capabilities.


Circumstances can be beyond our control! We honour that life happens! We understand situations arise when you may need to make changes prior to your scheduled booking, and advance notice, when possible, helps us immensely. We try to be as flexible as possible in accommodating our clients’ schedule changes. However, as we set limits on the number of clients seen at any given time, and as appointments and courses are booked on a first-come first-served basis, late schedule changes can result in inconvenience for all parties, and prevent the scheduling of other clients during that timeslot. Also, because our goal is to provide quality individualized care in a timely manner, the care and preparation we’ve taken in preparing for your session could have been prevented from being needlessly spent. Rebooking: We can facilitate changes up to 48 hours in advance of your booked appointment. You may reschedule for a future session with that session already paid in full for up to three months after your original booking date - no problem. Cancellations Without Rebooking: Those made within 72 hours of your scheduled booking will receive a full refund. * Those made within 48 hours of your scheduled booking will receive a 50% refund. * Those made within 24 hours of scheduled appointment will receive no refund. *Less any processing fees that may be charged from our provider for reversing payment. Lateness: We want you to you to receive the full benefits of your session, so please arrive on time. At our discretion, we will decide if there is adequate time left in your appointment to complete it without affecting quality of service. Typically, a lateness of 25 minutes or more is detrimental to any session and unfortunately will be determined as a same-day cancellation and will receive no refund.



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