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Re-Embodying the Sacred (and piecing yourself back together at the same time). 

Learn about the special role of your emotions and nervous system while diving deep into the integrative power of rites, rituals, and ceremony to help you honour, heal and celebrate difficult life transitions.



Difficult life experiences, incomplete cycles of trauma, and attachment to things not serving us all make a mark on our bodies, minds, emotions, and souls. During disrupting and dysregulating events, we can disconnect - leave ourselves to create a safe distance from the event for protection (we peace out). This often leaves us with a feeling of incompleteness and ungroundedness. As 21st Century humans, we can also feel disconnected from nature, our families, our communities, our creativity, our autonomy, power, and joy!

This 6-week intensive exploration looks through historical and modern lenses at the importance of using ritual and ceremony not only CREATIVELY for the healing and integration of difficult transitions, events, and experiences in one’s life, but also for celebration and fun. Participants in the group will learn the what, why, where, how, and with whom of ceremony, receive membership to the Twisted Tummy Re-Embodied Community, personal and group mentorship, as well as extensive learning materials from audio meditations, inquiry worksheets and journaling prompts, to e-books.


You will learn about typical elements involved in ceremony-making, practical tips on ceremony design, explore sacred space and learn how to create it, and will be guided through a process of inquiry to discover any areas of transition which feel incomplete and which could benefit from ceremony. You can then confidently apply this knowledge to craft meaningful and personal ceremonies on your own for re-embodiment and reconnection to deep healing and transformative power.


Creating ceremonies and rituals that are specific to your life’s challenges and transitions are powerful tools to bring reconnection to your power within and without, and to bring alignment with your creative soul. Ceremonies performed in a private or group setting share the magic of becoming sacred and held times and spaces with meaning beyond the acts themselves. These times and spaces expand into supportive and comforting places of guidance and learning that allow the important acts of acknowledgment, witnessing, and celebration. Ceremony and ritual have been vital practices that we communal humans have been doing as long as we have existed.

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